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** Express Reike **

Have you ever wanted to try something and was hesitant or afraid to, or didn't want to pay for a service not knowing if you will like it? If you have ever wondered about Reike or wanted to experience what it is like -  Here is your chance!

   I will be offering a complimentary 10 minute Express Reike throughout Summer ( ends Sept 1st). This may be added to any service. 

   What is Reike? Reike is a type of spiritual healing that works with your life force energy to help balance the body and to break down and clear the energetic blockages. When our life force energy is high and flowing freely we feel great, healthy, strong, and full of energy. However, when there are blockages in the flow, we feel weak, tired, and may be more susceptible to illness

   Reike is safe and gentle. This is a non-intrusive hands technique. 

   When scheduling online for this Express Reike, it will be located in the "add on" menu








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